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naked 5 it's fucking sick j This is disturbing Top 100 yes top 15 no he would make a perfect character in a movie like fast and Furious hahaha aq orosbusu sikini sikim seni götvern aq arkandaki payrabak göt aq senin gibi lerin View movie Would it be wrong to kill and skin a human in front of a classroom for educational purposes? xhamster animals Hey mia, I want to get into the port business, I watch all ur videos , do you think you could help me. I think your amazing , I would love to shoot a video with you please contact me The moral of the story kids is ladies never have a dog that's 2 or 3 times bigger than you because when doggy gets horny they'll try to make you their love pillow muwhahaha. Freakin hilarious vid So you say the fandom isnt sexual, but you acknowledge yiffers. There is clearly a sexual element to this fandom and thus, can be fetishistic. The suits you're referring to for under the fursuits are spandexlycrazentai suits The Mazuri tortoise diet is specifically formulated for tortoises It can be fed as the only food they get as it is well balanced. The only thing to watch is that it has a high protein content for some. Never feed tortoise dog or cat food it will eventully kill them . Leopards are from an area where there is mostly grasses and such should not be given fruit except as a seldom fed treat. As for mixing species I think that is the old way of thinking and as long as the new ones are quarantined prior to introducing them to the others it should be ok. Leopards will get up to 60 - 70 pounds when well cared for. We currently have three of them and have had them for 16 years and they grow rather slowly unless fed the wrong type of diet. Just my personal opinionon but it seems foolish to call anyone a moron, I think it would be better to give them the correct information for the good of the animals that they may have. Yes it is a good thing when people do not put tortoises in the class a turtles, need to learn the difference. like you know the difference between land and water I am hoping mine will have a ling and happy life and hopefully my grand matureren will care for them as well as I doMight even out live them..... lol

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